GuppyKillers is one of the largest, fastest growing online poker communities. Because of that success, we are able to offer additional benefits to players who join our team. As a supplement to our unique benefits, poker sites give us promotional money we pass on to our players, much like a poker “groupon.” This money is referred to as Cashback.


All poker rooms take a part of the buy in fees, or a percentage of the cash game pots. This fee is referred to as the “rake.” Poker rooms make large sums of money from raking pots, which in today's online market can transfer back into promotions and deals for you to profit from. So, by taking advantage of Guppykillers Cashback, you’ll be making a portion of the cash spent in every game you play. This constant income is the best way to benefit for your loyalty as an online poker player. Guppy Killers’ extensive network allows us to guarantee you receive the highest Cashback numbers and the best access to poker site promotions when you sign up.


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GuppyKillers keeps track of the rake you pay at every pot you play. At the end of the month you will receive back a percentage of your rake just for continuing to play in your favorite games. Though the percentages that poker rooms take from the pot may not seem significant at first, it quickly adds up. Think of all the hands dealt in a week and you will see that even a small percentage is not such a small figure. A large number of professional players make around $50,000 a year from Cashback alone.


There’s no catch. By giving the money we receive from the poker rooms back to the players, Cashback becomes a way in which both parties can win. The bigger and more efficient your network, the better the offers you can provide your players. Because of our large network and connections, GuppyKillers can guarantee you the best Cashback deals online. This is a win/win for both of us, so if you're playing without Cashback or just clicking around aimlessly looking for the best offer, Guppykillers can make vast improvements to your poker experience.

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