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When you're on the poker table, you're alone. At least that's what  most poker players think. But the most successful poker players have a team of support people behind them. They hire people to    do everything for them; all that's left to do is focus on poker.  That's why most of the players you know, the ones winning at   50/100, the ones that are winning tournament after tournament have a support team.


Guppy Killers is more than a poker affiliate, it's a support team.   Our team consists of former poker site managers, top winning  poker players, and experienced poker affiliates. That's your team! At GK, we don't just give you VIP rewards like other poker affiliates. We help you select the most lucrative sites and games. We have computer techs to help keep your computer running. Live chat support with experienced people. At WSOP 2012, we brought a runner for you so you never had to leave the table. Just focus on poker. We bring you the same type of team that the big boys in poker have; so you CAN just focus on poker.


And VIP benefits? We have the most competitive VIP benefits available in the poker industry. VIP benefits which matter to professionals like you. And as a now 10 year+ poker affiliate, you know that your VIP perks and cash back is going to be delivered to you. Our team is your team… Just a click away… Join GK, and you've got the best team.


No wonder many of the most successful online poker players are switching to GuppyKillers. Read on to learn more, or click live chat to find out why GK IS NUMBER ONE!

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